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Shelter MarinkaOne Star Balkan, Bulgaria
Marinka Shelter

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The Magic of Bulgaria

Bulgaria - the country with old and unique history, with rich historical, ethnological and cultural heritage, with beautiful nature.

Bulgaria lies in southeastern Europe, bordering Romania, Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. Its northern border with Romania follows the Danube River until the city of Silistra. To the east, Bulgaria has the Black Sea coast that is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Bulgaria also has four large mountains with gorgeous…

Fun Time

Two guys on a double bike where pedaling up a hill. It took forever to get to the top.

When they finally got to the top the first guy said in a pant, "Whew, that was so hard."

The second replied, " If I hadn't been pushing the brakes the whole time we would have rolled down backwards."

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