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Klisura MotelTwo StarsTwo Stars Klisura, Bulgaria
20 to 30 EUR OB
Motel Klisura - Klisura, Bulgaria.

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Bachkovo monastery - Asen's fortress

One-Day Trip
Sample itineraries

Plovdiv area offers great opportunities for different day trips, ranging from visits of historical and cultural sites of national importance and wine tasting experience to active tours like trekking, snowshoeing, cycling and mountain biking in the nearby Rhodope Mountains.

Our exciting and various day trips program will make you stay in Plovdiv for longer that you've…

Fun Time

A tornado hit a farmhouse just before dawn. It lifted the roof off, picked up the beds on which the farmer and his wife slept, and set them down gently in the next county. The wife began to cry.

"Don't be scared, Susan," her husband said. "We are not hurt."

Susan continued to cry. "I'm not scared," she said between sobs. "I'm happy ‘cause this is the first time in 15 years we've been out together."

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