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Babskoto Praskalo waterfall

There are a lot of rivers in the National Park of Central Balkan, which fall and form picturesque waterfalls called by the local people "praskala" (springers). One of them is the Babskoto Praskalo waterfall. It is not so high like the others in the National Park, but it is just as beautiful as the others are. The "Babskoto praskalo" waterfall is 54 meters high.

The Babsko Praskalo is close to the Rusalka hut, along the trail from Tazha village to Tazha hut. It is located on…

Fun Time

Three men wanted to cross a river. They had no idea how to cross it, so one man knelt down on his knees and prayed "Lord give me the power and strength the cross the river." suddenly the man became very strong and swam across the river.

The next man thought: if it worked for him, it'll work for me. So he knelt down and prayed "Lord give the skills and the strength to cross the river." the man built a canoe and rowed himself across the river.

The last man thought: if it worked for both of them, I know it'll work for me. So he also knelt down and prayed "Lord give me the wisdom and knowledge to cross the river." He turned into a woman and walked across the bridge.

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