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Ganesha HotelTwo StarsTwo Stars Sofia, Bulgaria
30 to 40 EUR OB
Ganesha Hotel

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Brochure Term Translation

Old world charm - No bath
Tropical - Rainy
Majestic setting - A long way from town
Options galore - Nothing is included in the itinerary
Secluded hideaway - Impossible to find or get to
Pre-registered rooms - Already occupied
Explore on your own - Pay for it yourself
Knowledgeable trip hosts - They've flown before
No extra fees - No extras
Nominal charge - Outrageous charge
Standard - Substandard
Deluxe - Standard
Superior - Two free shower caps
All the amenities - One free shower cap
Plush - Top and bottom sheets
Gentle breezes - Gale-force winds
Light and airy - No air conditioning
Picturesque - Theme park nearby
Open bar - Free ice cubes

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