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Hotel LaryTwo StarsTwo Stars Bansko, Bulgaria
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Godech region

A number of  archaeological finds prove that the Godech region has been inhabited since the pre-historical times and since the times of the Thracians and Romans.

The evidences dating from the Middle Ages and Bulgarian National revival are rather meagre. In 1453 Godech was mentioned for first time in the Ottoman records. There is a still preserved inscription in St. Nikola church in the village of Tuden and according to it the church was built in 1400 "when the Ottomans took…

Fun Time

A flight attendant is on the red-eye to Manila when a water leak develops in the galley, which eventually soaks the carpet throughout the aft cabin of the 747. A very sleepy woman who becomes aware of the dampness tugs at the attendant's skirt as she passes by. "Has it been raining?" she asks the flight attendant.
Keeping a straight face, she replies, "Yes, but we put the top up." With a sigh of relief, the woman then goes back to sleep.

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