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Hotel RalicaThree StarsThree StarsThree Stars Tryavna, Bulgaria
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National historical-archeological reserve Veliki Preslav

The National historical-archaeological reserve with a museum Veliki Preslav is situated upon the ruins of the Old Bulgarian capital (893-972) and covers about 500 ha of its area. This institution has a long  history and its purpose is to track out, study, keep and to make popular the cultural inheritance of this ancient and mystical town. The investigations which last more than a century show that Preslav had been…

Fun Time

A police officer noticed a car dragging at 22 MPH and pulled it over. He noticed that there were five elderly men inside, wide-eyed, pale and visibly shaken.

The driver tried to talk his way out of a ticket saying that he didn't understand the problem because he was going exactly the speed limit.

"The problem sir," the officer replied, "is that you were going far too slow for this type of road."

"No, sir," the driver said indignantly, "I saw the road sign, it said 22 and I followed it exactly,"

Laughing the police officer explained that that was the route number and not the speed limit. He accepted the embarrassed excuses of the driver but paused before letting him go.

"Just one more thing, sir," he said, "I couldn't help but noticing that these passengers seem scared as hell. Has there been a problem?"

"No problem," the driver answered. "We just got off Route 127"

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