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Varosha 2003 HotelThree StarsThree StarsThree Stars Lovech, Bulgaria
20 to 25 EUR BB
Hotel Varosha 2003 - Lovech, Bulgaria.

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The Stryama (known in Antiquity as Syrmus) is a river in southern Bulgaria, an important tributary of the Maritsa. The river is 110. 1 km long and has a drainage basin of 2 853 km² .

The Stryama takes it source from the Balkan Mountains under Vezhen Peak, named Kameniditsa in this section, turning east at Stryama Station to pass close to Klisura and turn southeast at Rogozino entering the Karlovo Plain. It then makes a turn south at Banya, forming the Stremski prolom…

Fun Time

"Mommy, Mommy," a kid starts excitedly as he gets home, "I step on some lady's foot in the bus, and I apologised and she gave me candy!"

"Did you say thank you?" the mother asks.

"No way, I stepped on her other foot too."

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