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Bulgarian Mouflon

Trophy hunt: throughout the year

The population is in many hunting grounds mainly in the Rhodope mountains in southern Bulgaria. The National record has 240. 05 CIC points, 95. 6 cm. Trophies between 70 cm and 95 cm are expected. We recommend 4-5 hunting days.

Hunting for mouflon is possible in combination with wild boar, chamois, capercailzie or roebuck hunting. Our guests have hunted with us over 60 mouflons.

The best trophy has 93. 4 cm (2002).

Fun Time

"Mommy, Mommy," a kid starts excitedly as he gets home, "I step on some lady's foot in the bus, and I apologised and she gave me candy!"

"Did you say thank you?" the mother asks.

"No way, I stepped on her other foot too."

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