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House Jecheva kashtaOne Star Kovachevitsa, Bulgaria (guest house)
Jecheva kashta House

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The Veleka is a river in the very southeast of Bulgaria (Burgas Province), as well as the very northeast of European Turkey. It is 147 km long, of which 123 km in Bulgaria and 25 km in Turkey, and takes it sources from a number of Karst springs in the Turkish part of the Strandzha (İ stranca) mountain to flow into the Black Sea at the Bulgarian village of Sinemorets.

The river's width close to the mouth is from 8 to 10 m and its depth ranges from 2 to 4 m. At its mouth, …

Fun Time

Gandalf the Grey and Frodo are sitting in front of the fireplace. Gandalf throws the One Ring in the fire and then tells Frodo:

- Take the ring, Frodo. What do you see?
- Something's written on it!
- What is it?
- Made in China!
- Ah, that's what I feared.

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