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Ovchaga ComplexOne Star Asparuhovo, Var., Bulgaria
Complex Ovchaga - Asparuhovo, Bulgaria.

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History of Sopot

There is information about the settlement dating back to the Ottoman Rule. During the Revival period it was called Altun Sopot (Golden Sopot) because of its fluorescent industry and also thanks to the crafts and trade development. The citizens of Sopot manufactured abas, braids, fur and leather of high quality and traded them predominantly around the Ottoman Empire.

The town was destroyed by fire during the Liberation days (1877) and its inhabitants were either slaughtered or…

Fun Time

Driver turns to his wife and yells: "Shut your damn mouth!"

Officer asks the woman, "Ma'am, does your husband talk to you this way all the time?"

Wife: "No, only when he's drunk."

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