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About Journey.bg

Benefit from being a part of the most visited travel portal in Bulgaria!


Thousands of people visit Journey.bg each day searching for a final destination of their holiday, and they can become Your clients.

As a unique information and reservation system Journey accomplishes a direct connection between the end-customer and the professional in the branch.

Be a winner with Journey.bg!

The information and reservation system of Journey serves the Bulgarian and foreign citizens, juridical persons and organizations in their choice for travel and accommodation conditions, by supplying direct contact with the travel agency which listed the offer.

Journey is working to ease and lower the expenditures of travel agencies while presenting their products in the international market.

The system also eases the contact with the accommodation facilities.

Every change or innovation in the information and reservation system Journey is discussed and coordinated with the travel agencies participating in the site, prior to being applied in practice.

Company news and promotions, tightly relevant to the tourism industry we would encourage You to send to: office@journey.bg.

Participation with travel offers



1 months

3 months

6 months


up to 10 Offers 10 30 70 100 160
Euro per Day 1.143 0.821 0.624 0.480 0.368
Price for Offer per Day 0.114 0.082 0.062 0.048 0.037
up to 20 Offers 15 45 100 160 250
Euro per Day 1.758 1.262 0.960 0.739 0.567
Price for Offer per Day


0.063 0.048 0.037 0.028

up to 50 Offers

30 88 200 310 450
Euro per Day 3.381 2.428 1.847 1.421 1.090
Price for Offer per Day 0.068 0.048 0.037 0.028 0.022
up to 100 Offers 45 135 310 450 730
Euro per Day 5.202 3.375 2.841 2.186 1.677
Price for Offer per Day 0.052 0.037 0.028 0.022 0.017
up to 200 Offers 70 210 450 730 1 130
Euro per Day 8.003 5.746 4.371 3.362 2.579
Price for Offer per Day 0.040 0.029 0.022 0.017 0.012
Unlimited Upon arrangement

No matter if Your offer is TOP oder VIP* position!

* charged for extra

Prices are in EUR

  • Participation in two language versions - 10 % discount
  • Participation in three language versions - 15 % discount

Members of Journey get special discounts for placing banners and commercial messages on the site!

For each and every company, interested in the services Journey provides, a demonstration, showing the wide range of opportunities for service and development of the Information and reservation system of our site will be gladly made.

How to become a member?

Yearly fee Publish offers
or 60 EUR

What you gain?

Access to actual and frequently updated by our qualified staff members information on telephone numbers, fax, e-mail addresses, web-sites, company and contact information, reservations and prices for over 4000 accommodation places in Bulgaria!

Membership in the Professionals Forum accessible only to the members of Journey!

Access to results of past Surveys, with lots of useful information about customer demands and requirements:

  • season-based demand graphs
  • customer payment resources
  • preferences
  • choice of destination for the weekends
  • traditional orientations
  • means of reservation
  • most demanded means of animation
  • shopping during the holidays
  • seasonally based transportation preferences
  • new destination decision base

This data helps you plan your products for the forthcoming season.

Access to actual statistics to client search queries:

  • most visited hotels
  • most preferred Bulgarian resorts during the season
  • most wanted destinations abroad

These results help you adapt your companys policy to the actual tends of the market.

Only members of Journey are allowed access to the Seminars, presenting innovations in the reservation system, utilization of the concealed options and possibilities in the system, allowing You to make Your offers more attractive, more comprehensive and always accessible and up-to date.

The companies, publishing offers in our site are relieved of membership fee.

If You want Your company to utilize the really wide range of functionality of the Journey system

You are welcomed to become our Member!

We work for You!

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