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Content syndication using RSS feeds
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Content syndication using RSS feeds

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." It's a format that web sites and blogs use to syndicate content via news aggregation tools and services like Journey's news and offers. Syndication benefits users instead of visiting multiple web sites to see what's new, they can simply scan headlines or brief article summaries and click to read the full text. "Really simple" refers to how easy it is for publishers to make their content available to readers in this format.

Because RSS is relatively new on the Net, not all sites syndicate their content today. However, many notable sites already do offer RSS, and every day the RSS offering grows. For example, news sites use RSS to syndicate news headlines and summaries. Other sites use RSS to alert customers of new products or upcoming events.

Journey believes RSS has tremendous potential to make it easier for people find, share, and subscribe to information on the Internet. Already we use RSS to syndicate most of our fresh content:

New! Internet Explorer 7 delivers all the new headlines and updates to your Favorites Center. On the toolbar Click the Feed button RSS Feed icon to see the feed and, if you want, subscribe to have the feed automatically sent to your computer. When you click the subscribe button Add/Subscribe icon, the feed is automatically added to the Favorites Center and to the Common Feed List for sharing with other programs.

Users read the news using applications called "agregators". A good agregator for Windows is FeedReader (an open source software). syndic8 is a site with hundreds of information feeds, ordered by categories.

Also there are websites, who agregate selected feeds into one personal news page. Popular are:

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