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Journey.bg Online Standard Terms and Conditions  

Journey is an information network; it does not sell directly or indirectly travel products. This Program is a way for the Publishers (travel agencies and tour operators) to display their own tourism related products, through a simplified online service for seeking, finding and booking by the end clients.

Registered tourism companies are enlisted in the common list of recipients, which may receive occasional service announcements that relate to this program.

The free registration of tourism companies does not give the agencies access to offer publishing in Journey.

Tourism professionals who wish to publish travel offers on Journey – read Participation with travel offers.

Registering also indicates that you accept the condition that this service will be used only for selling tourism products.

A mandatory requirement for a tourism company to register is the presence of office or representation in Bulgaria.

The publishers are responsible for all content and materials of each of their offers, including compliance with the program policies.

Journey is responsible for the transmission of the client’s requests to the travel agency, which has published the offer.

Journey is not responsible for any claims for loss, injury or sustained inconvenience putted by an end client to the offering company. All operations, related with servicing the end client are responsibility of the relevant offering company.

Journey is not responsible for data loss and traffic of poor quality to your internet services provider.

Any attempted unfair competition, political propaganda, publishing or pornographic, hate-related, violent, or illegal content will be censored immediately.

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Journey Bulgaria | Online Standard Terms and Conditions
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