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Post code: 1000
Intl dial code: +359 2
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Sofia's fitnes centres

Nowadays, many prefer to drive their car rather than walking, using the lift or escalators rather than the stairs at work or at home, using the remote control to change TV channels rather than not going to the TV set to change them and shopping rather than playing sport. However, playing sport at least one or two times a week can help you feel fit, motivated and healthy. Every one can find one hour during the week to spend in the gym no matter how tense his/her daily program is.

Gym-based activities include studio exercises such as circuit-training, and all forms of weight-training and cardiovascular training on machines indoors. Thus free weights, fixed resistance machine weights, rowing-machines, studio cycling and static bikes, treadmill activities, steppers etc. are all included in this type of exercise. All aspects of fitness can be worked on in a controlled manner following a program, which caters for gradual improvement in strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and motor fitness.

Fitness gyms have qualified instructors who can to teach you how to do the exercises safely and advise you on how to progress and what type of exercise is suitable for you. Anyone, no matter how unfit, can benefit from a fitness programme written and supervised by a trained instructor.

All hotels of higher class in Sofia have their own nice fitness centres. Anyway, below are the best ones in Sofia, preferred by the local people:

Atheletic Sports Center

78, Yanko Sukuzov Boulevard
tel.: (+359) 2/ 944 51 25

Greta Sport Fitness Complex

4, Arsenalska Street
tel.: (+359) 2/ 653 015

Hilton Hotel Fitness Center

1 Bulgaria Boulevard
tel.: (+359) 2/ 933 500

Maria Luisa Recreational Center

Borissova Garden
tel.: (+359) 2/ 963 00 54

Maxi Sports Center

110, Smeonovsko Shosse Boulevard
tel.: (+359) 2/ 962 05 80

Olympica Sports Center Universiada Hall

2, Shipchenski Prohod Boulevard
tel.: (+359) 2/ 720 898

Radisson Hotel Fitness Center

4, Narodno Subranie
tel.: (+359) 2/ 933 43 34

Sitnyakovo Fitness Center

86, Cherkovna Street
tel: (+359) 2/ 435 308

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