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Rogozen treasure

Rogozen royal silver treasure
Rogozen royal silver treasure

Rogozen royal silver treasure
(5th - 4th century BC)

The biggest and richest treasure found till now (total weight of 20 kg), possession of the dynasty court of the Triballoi. It attracts attention with its 165 vessels (gracious jugs and phiales, silver with gilt) with Greek and Thracian excuisitely shaped subjects.

The Rogozen treasure, called the find of the century, was discovered by chance. The finder was a tractor driver, who in the autumn of 1985 was digging a trench in his garden when he discovered a collection of sixty-five silver receptacles. On January 6, 1986, in a second trench near the first one, a hundred more receptacles were found by the archaeologists of the local museum. The treasure consists of hundred and eight phials, fifty-four jugs and three goblets. All the objects are silver and some with a golden gilt. Their total weight is twenty kilograms.

The ornamentation, embossed in relief, is different in every case. This variety of motifs and decorative elements makes the Rogozen Treasure an invaluable source of information for the fifth and fourth centuries, BC. Several of these pieces seem to had been imported, but most were made in Thracia.

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