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Pomorie SPA Resort

Pomorie, one of Bulgaria's best known mud treatment and seaside resorts, was founded during the V century B.C., when it was known as Anhialo. It is situated on a peninsula which juts out 2 km into the sea, 20 km north of the city of Bourgas. The famous Pomorie curative mud lake and salt pans, numerous vineyards and gardens are located nearby. The prime curative factors are the Pomorie curative mud, the lake lye, the favourable sea climate, the sea and beach.

The Curative Mud consists of sedimentary firth mud which is finely structured, pliable and only, with an odor of hydrogen sulphide. In its liquid phase it contains sulphates, magnesium, bromine, iodine, humic acids, hormone-like substances, vitamins, amino acids and metasilicic acid. Curative mud preparation is also used in the form of mud pastes, mud extracts for ointments and electrophoresis.

The Sea Lye, which contains a host of curative ions such as magnesium, bromine, iodine and sulphate ones, and is used for dressings and electrophoresis, is of great therapeutic value.

The favourable sea climate with plenty of sunshine, the wide beach strip, the relatively high average annual temperature (13 C), the sea and, above all, the unique Pomorie curative mud and lye, have made Pomorie a much frequent and popular resort for treatment, prophylactic and recreation throughout the year.

Main indications for year-round treatment:

  • Disturbances of the locomotory system - arthritic and rheumatic complaints, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic states, gout diseases of the muscles and tendons, etc.
  • Gynecological diseases - chronic adnexitis, parametritis, sterility in women, etc.
  • Disturbances of the male reproductive system - chronic prostatitis, operative infiltration, sterility.
  • Neurological disorders: neuritis, plexitis, slipped disc, radiculitis, est.
  • Skin diseases - psoriasis vulgaris, eczemas, neurodermatitis, Bergers and Rainouts disease.

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