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Haskovski Bani

Post code: 6343
Intl dial code: +359 03722
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Mineralni Bani resort

Mineralni Bani is situated 18 km away from the district centre - the town of Haskovo. It is 100 km away from the state boundaries with the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Greece and 11 km away from the Main Road E-80 (Sofia - Plovdiv - Istanbul). It is situated in a beautiful area with wonderful forest vegetation and crystal-pure air.

The settlement has had the reputation of a balneological resort since the time of the Romans. As early as then the thermal baths attracted people with their curative effect on rheumatic, peripheral vascular, gynaecological, locomotory and other diseases.

The mineral water - the most precious natural resource of the region - is hyperthermal (57оС) ad has a unique chemical composition. It flows out of 14 springs with a flow rate of 1 500 l/minute. It is characterized as sulphate-sodium, calcium and fluorine.

The resort specializes in the treatment of diseases of the peripheral arteries of an organic or functional type - obliterating diseases (endoarthrites), obliterating atherosclerosis, Buerger's disease, Raynaud's disease, vegetative and diabetic angiopathies, etc. The resort is acknowledged as the only one in Bulgaria for the treatment of these so widespread diseases, which in recent years affect still more and younger people. The treatment in the resort twice a year is of vital importance to some patients. The water possesses the property of improving the feeding of the tissues of the diseased limb and of removing the venous congestion. With 32 emans of radon in its composition it is unsurpassed in its curative properties not only in Bulgaria, but also abroad. The resort is world-famous mostly for the treatment of the Buerger's disease. This specific disease is successfully treated only in three places in the world besides the Mineralni Bani resort. The mineral water stops the trophic damages; the wounds and the violet-blue colouring disappear. The results are a warm skin, good trophics, and a normal blood circulation. The following diseases are also excellently influenced by the water: acute inflammatory rheumatism, the Sokolsk-Bouyo disease, arthritis, exostoses; diseases of the joints and the bones, post-fracture and post-sprain states, etc.; sclerodermia, radiculites, polyneurites, sciatica, lumbago; chronic inflammatory processes of the ovaries, the uterus, etc.; skin diseases - chronic eczemas, psoriasis, neurodermites, dermatites, chronic urticaria, etc.

The mineral water is drunk for the treatment of renal sand, chronic gastritis and colitis, peptic disease, gastrointestinal diseases, chronic inflammation of the liver, of the biliary tracts, etc.

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