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Beli Osam

Post code: 5662
Intl dial code: +359 06965

White-backed woodpecker

(Dendrocopos leucotos lilfordi)

The southern sub-species of the white-backed woodpecker inhabits our country. It is average in size reaching only 25 cm. The span of the wings is 39 cm. This species is characterized by clearly expressed sexual and age dimorphism. The males belonging to the native sub-species are characterized by the zebra-like, unbroken by a white strip coloration of the back, differing from these of the nominant species their backs are white. The forehead is whitish and the basal part of the head is red. The shoulders of the white-backed woodpeckers are black. The females differ from their husbands by the lack of the red hats.

You can observe this species into the old coniferous forests, and shall recognize it by the sharp cries.

It generally feeds on insects. Over 1% of the world population of this sub-species is preserved in National Park Central Balkan. It is included in the Red book of Bulgaria. It is protected by the Law of the biological diversity.

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