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Simeonovo River Park

A most desired site of 248 000 m2 at the food of Vitosha mountain and the high-end residential area of Simeonovo village, and yet only 15 minutes away from Sofia City Centre, Simeonovo River Park is situated on a slope of 7.5 %. It is sloping towards the City which is used by the architects to maximize the view to Sofia and the Vitosha mountain, as well as the exposure to sun-light.

Besides clean air, proximity to the mountain and sunny slope, Simeonovo River Parks location is extremely communicative-it is close to Sofias ring- road and Simeonovos gondola lift for the Vitosha mountain.

The development is of a gated-community type which provides secure environment for the residents. There are two access points one from Simeonovo village and the other one from the Service area, near the ring-road of Sofia, so residents have two options of how to get to their house. There are 255 houses out of which 70 are row houses and the rest single family houses.

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