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Post code: 2200
Intl dial code: +359 727


The town of Slivnitsa spreads on both banks of the Slivnitsa river to the west of the Tri Ushi hill. It is situated about 30 km to the west of the city of Sofia and lies on the main road connecting the capital with the Bulgarian-Serbian border.

A small mountain named Viskyar stands out to the south and the southwest of Slivnitsa. The mountains biggest peak is called Mechi Kamuk (Bears Stone) and is 1 077m high. Viskyar is rich in archeological and historical remains. Important strategic and commercial roads, connecting the southern end of the Balkan peninsula with the Danube river and Western Europe, have passed through these lands since antiquity. An interesting sight here is the memorial church, built to the southeast of the Gutgulyat village.

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