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Dunavtsi, Kazanlak

Post code: 6145
Intl dial code: +359 4348

Bulgarian Cuisine

Bulgarian cuisine has 3 very special food item varieties which are unique and have been a part of it back through the earliest of Thracian times:

Sirene - a brined white cheese, produced from sheep, cow or buffalo milk, and is both used on the table and as an essential part of other foods - from Shopska salad to Banitsa.

Kiselo mlyako (yoghurt) - sour milk, produced also from sheep, cow or buffalo milk, is a particular variety produced by the Lactobacterium Bulgaricum bacteria and grows no place else in the world. It has found an important part in many Bulgarian foods.

Bulgarians are also fond of ayryan - a beverage of water mixed with yoghurt. Bulgarians eat yoghurt in some form practically every day throughout their life.

Chubritsa - this plant, which botanists claim to be a species of the herb Satureia hortensis appears to grow particularly well upon Bulgarian soil.

It also shares certain characteristics with Oregano (Origanum vulgare). The dried leaves are crushed and sprinked on top of soups in the last few minutes of cooking or ground into a fine powder and used on bread like butter.

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