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Malka Vereya

Post code: 6045
Intl dial code: +359 041270
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Gourmet Paradise

Bulgarian culinary differs in geographical regions and abounds in delicious specialties and exotic dishes
Bulgarian culinary differs in geographical regions and abounds in delicious specialties and exotic dishes

Gourmets all over the world have been attracted for ages by the temptations of Bulgarian cuisine. There are plenty of countries in the world boasting a varied and delicious cuisine, along with long-standing culinary traditions.
The methods used in Bulgarian cooking are not quite different from those used worldwide. You should try Bulgarian cuisine, for there are characteristic features which lend a specific taste and flavour to the dishes - namely those which have helped to make it popular far beyond the country's borders.

Bulgarian cuisine skillfully combines and uses the "fruits of the earth" which have captured the Bulgarian sun. The thermal processing of products simmered slowly on low heat enables their nutritive qualities to be retained and makes the food taste much better. The result is - mouthwatering dishes with Superb flavour and taste.

The methods of preparation are different - for ages the Bulgarians have favoured stewing, roasting, boiling and... the earthenware dish. The roasting of food on charcoal embers is also widespread, leaving the meat deliciously, tender and succulent.

Bulgarian culinary is influenced both by the divercity of the nature and the clearly distinguished four seasons.

The vegetables, fruits and spices are spread around the different seasons and are to be consumed fresh. In a similar manner, the use of meat also depends upon the season - lamb is more common in spring, light meat like chicken, veal and vegetarian meals are prevalent in summer. Pork meat prevales in winter. Fresh fish is consumed during the entire year.

Bulgarian culinary differs in geographical regions and abounds in delicious specialties and exotic dishes: Bansko-style kapama (meat and vegetables stewed in an earthenware dish), Rhodope cheverme (lamb roasted on a spit over an open fire), Thracian katmi (special type of pancake) and Dobroudjanska banitsa (cheese pie), Danube fish soup and Sozopol - style mussels.

The cosy, typically Bulgarian folk-style restaurants will tempt you with Shopska salad and chilled grape brandy, stuffed vine leaves or peppers, kavarma the miller's way, monastery - style hotchpotch, moussaka and kebab.

You can't say "no" to the juicy-grilled kebabcheta, piquant kavarma baked in an earthenware dish, delicious vegetarian dishes, the banitsa which simply melts in your mouth and the famous bulgarian kiselo mlyako (yoghurt).

The smell of oven-fresh bread rolls is mixed with the fragrance of savoury. Thinly sliced loukanka (flat dry sausage) from Smyadovo, pastarma, white and yellow cheese are temptingly arranged on ceramic plates.

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