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Post code: 9170
Intl dial code: +359 5153


The Souvorovo Municipality is located in northeastern Bulgaria
The Souvorovo Municipality is located in northeastern Bulgaria

The Souvorovo Municipality is located in northeastern Bulgaria, Varna District. Its territory is characterized by moderate continental climate. The terrain has a plateau-like relief divided into parts. The altitude is up to 200-300 m above sea level. The roads take up 4.3 % of the total territory, water areas (dam lakes) - 0.6 sq. km (0.3 %). The ethnic composition of the population in the municipality Suvorovo is unique - Bulgarians, Turks, Muslim Roma population, Mine-digging Roma population (Kopanari, Bulg. - diggers); Bulgarians of Bessarabian origin from Moldova and Ukraine. The municipality has gathered together people of diverse ethnic origin from all over Bulgaria. There are villages that are entirely Bulgarian-populated - Banovo, Kalimantsi, Izgrev, Levski, Prosechen; villages populated mainly by ethnic Turks - Drundar; villages populated by Bulgarians and Roma - Christians and Muslims; and the town of Souvorovo with population represented by all ethnic groups.

The municipality's geographical location makes it a suitable place for agricultural activity. The arable land amounts to 132 sq. km (61 %) and the forests are 33 sq. km (15 %).

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