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Post code: 4716
Intl dial code: +359 3058


The village of Mougla is nestled at the southern foot of the Moursalitza cliff, by the riverside of Mouglenska river, which is astonishing with the beauty of its falls and rapids.

The legends tell that four shepherds, who kidnapped maidens from Smolyan and hid here in the inaccessible forests, founded the village 5 centuries ago. In the past the village used to be a big shepherds' center with "heavy chief shepherds" who had more than 40 000 sheep and other livestock.

The mosque in the village center is known for its original wooden minaret and two lines of stone houses and timber stables border the riverside. Once populous, today the village population counts 400 inhabitants. The village won popularity with the famous writer Nikolay Haytov's short stories and the film Burn, Burn, Little Flame. The old houses and the beautiful nature surrounding Mougla have also served for scenery of other Bulgarian films, among them being the well-known Time of Violence (Vreme Razdelno).

The abandoned village of Chamla, situated at 5 km from Mougla on the road to the village of Gyovren, is a place where young artists from all over the world are getting together to seek inspiration from the wild nature of the Rhodope Mountain. So don't you be surprised if you come across a theatrical performance in a foreign language.

The international tourist thoroughfare E8 cuts through the village. On foot or by car on the road from Trigrad to Ghela, Shiroka Laka and Pamporovo you will enjoy the picturesque views and the specific atmosphere of Mougla.

Not less interesting is the road to Gyovren across the ridge through Chamla and the canyon of the Mouglenska river, and this dirt road will lead you to the Kazanite Reserve with its marvelous waterfalls to finally bring you down to Teshel. A big karst spring spouts out in the village center of Mougla and the water stream suddenly turns into a river.

You can find shelter in the first private accommodation in the village and in many homes of the hospitable people of Mouglen.

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