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Kirkovo municipality

The Kirkovo Municipality is situated on 594 sq. km of broken hilly ground in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains. It borders the Kroumovgrad Municipality in the east, the Zlatograd Municipality in the west, and the municipalities of Dzhebel and Momchilgrad in the north. The Makaza Pass crosses its south border with Greece.

There are various cultural and historical monuments of all times starting with the Thracian era on the municipality's territory:

  • A Thracian fortress by Boatepe Summit and the hamlet of Zlatolist.
  • Thracian rock tombs by the villages of Podkova and Veslets.
  • An antique and medieval fortified settlement in the locality Assara by the village of Krilatitsa, an archaeological monument of culture.
  • An antique necropolis in the same area, a monument of culture.
  • An antique settlement by the village of Zagorichene.
  • Rock niches in the village of Rastnik - the locality Manchaya Kaya.
  • Rock "mushrooms" in the village of Dobromirtsi.
  • A Roman fortress by the village of Ostinovo.
  • A medieval settlement - village of Orlitsa.
  • A necropolis - village of Apriltsi.
  • A Thracian settlement - village of Domishte.
  • A mound necropolis - village of Domishte.
  • A rock shrine - village of Parvitsa.
  • A medieval settlement - village of Parvitsa.
  • A late Roman settlement - village of Parvitsa.
  • A medieval settlement - village of Ostrovets.
  • A prehistoric settlement mound- village of Podkova.

Unfortunately, only the foundations of the fortresses are preserved, and the rock tombs were plundered. The medieval monuments are in a similar state.

There are preserved old churches in the villages of Preseka, Gorski Izvor and Dzherovo and preserved fortresses in Chakalarovo, Kremen and Dzherovo.

There are fully preserved and still functioning stone bridges of a much later period, the work of local masters. They are in Kirkovo, Lozengradtsi, Dolno Kapinovo, Drangovo, Tihomir, Kremen and Gorski Izvor. There are also Roman bridges. The best preserved of them are in Drangovo, Shoumnatitsa, Gorski Izvor, Lozengradtsi and Tihomir.

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