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Long and dramatic history

The most earliest data for human life and activity in the region of Pleven are related toward the end of the new stone age epoch - the V millennium B.C., when tribes with main dealing mainly with agriculture and cattle-breading have lived here. In the II-I millennium B.C. settlements from the bronze and iron epoch have existed in the neighborhood of Kaylaka and in the I millennium B.C. - a Thracian population, where later the Romans have established a road station and the fortress Storgoziya.

After the coming of the Slavs at that places at the end of the VI and the beginning of the VII century, the settlement has been famous as Kamenitsa. Their migration marks the end of the antique civilization.

The archeological materials prove that the life of Kaylaka settlement continues even during the Medieval. Between the IX and the XI century a Slav's and Bulgarian's settlement - part of the Second Bulgarian Country exists here.

The present name of Pleven is mentioned for the first time in an honorable diploma of their king Stefan V after its rule by the Madzhars in 1266.

In the end of the ХІV century the town is ruled by the Turkish. After several collapses and recoveries conditions for development of commerce and crafts are established.

The population actively participates in the ecclesiastic and national fights. On 6th of May Levski establishes here the first Bulgarian local revolutionary committee.

The name of the town reaches world fame at the time of Russian-Turkish War. On 10th of December 1877 with the liberation of Pleven the victorious result of the war is defined. The press all over Europe denotes the event and the grateful Bulgarian population builds many monuments for the heroes of Pleven epos.

Today Pleven is an important administrative, industrial, agricultural, cultural, tourist center, a large military garrison, telecommunication and transport and commercial center.

It has preserved its cultural and historical heritage in many museums. monuments, ossuaries and the unique for Bulgaria panorama Pleven epos 1877. It is famous as the town of the museums.

Panorama Pleven epos 1877 Part of the panoramic painting representing the fight for the city during the Russian-Turkish War

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