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The Byala Reka River

Central Balkan

The Byala Reka River takes its source north of the Sinite Kamani place on the Ravnets massif and forms its inaccessible valley in the Ujen Djendem Reserve. Because of its waterfalls, rapids and rocky gorges the river is labeled as the most spectacular river in Bulgaria with a total length of 37 km and a catchment area of 239 sq. km.

Its left tributaries – Derindere, Kanludere with the Derekliisko praskalo waterfall (10 m) and the Pruskalska River, which “drinks” from the eternal snow drift of mountain peak Botev and which is source of the Raisko praskalo waterfall (124,5 m) rumbling swiftly descend down towards the valley of the Byala Reka River. West of the Byala Reka River is located the valley of the Stara Reka River.

South of the place Podmola and east of the Kozarnika place the Byala Reka River takes the Buzovitsa River with the Suhoto praskalo waterfall (95 m), which springs from the eastern slopes of peak Botev near the Malka Buzovitsa River. Just 2 m away from this water flow the Byala Reka River leaves the Kalofer Mountain through well-pronounced gorges, gaps the Strajata place and then with a sharp turn west enters the Karlovo valley.

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