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The territory of Bulgaria has been inhabited from the earliest ancient times – the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. From that time is the oldest gold treasure in the world, found close to Varna. During the Bronze age the mainland is inhabited by the Thracians. During the second half of the 7th century at the territory of today Northeastern Bulgaria, the proto-Bulgarians settled. They form an alliance to create the Bulgarian country, recognized by Byzantium in 681.

In 864 during the reign of Prince Boris the First, Bulgarians accept Christianity as an official religion.

In 1396 the country is weakened and conquered by the Ottoman empire. For almost five centuries, Bulgaria is under ottoman rule. In 1878, as a result of the Russian-ottoman war (1877-1878) the Bulgarian country is restored.

The intervention of Bulgaria during WWI on the side of the Central forces ends with national catastrophe.

On 5th of September the Soviet army penetrates the country and on the 9th of September the Fatherland front takes control. In 1946 Bulgaria has been proclaimed as a republic. The Bulgarian communist party comes to reign.

The 10th of November 1989 puts the beginning of the democratic reform.

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