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Country of Health

Bulgaria is an extremely attractive center for treatment, prophylactics, recreation and tourism with its numerous resorts, favourable climate, a 378 km long coastal strip with wonderful beaches, over 500 mineral springs of varying physico-chemical composition, temperature and indisputable curative properties, dozens of lagoon firth mud sources and curative peat deposits.

All scientific studies agree that in the uniqueness, variety and abundance of hydrothermal, bioclimatic, mud treatment, sea cure, and other health resources, Bulgaria ranks among the first in Europe, Climato-balneological treatment traditions in the Bulgarian lands date back to times immemorial.

In Thracian times, flourishing settlements sprang up around the hot mineral springs and many nymphaeums were built. In Roman times, spa centers were established, such as Augusta (present-day Hissarya), Dezudava (Sandanski), Pautalia (Kyustendil) and Serdika (Sofia), where even the Roman emperors Ulpius Trajanus, Septimius Severus, Maximilianus and Justinianus sought treatment for their ailments.

The Bulgarian mineral waters are known for their greatly varied chemical composition and, respectively, their mineralization and type of dissolved mineral salts, curative gases and biologically active micro components. In fact, every kind of known mineral water may be found in the country. The Firth Mud Sources, along the Black Sea coast, the Curative Peat, Spring Curative Mud and Bentonite Clays possess a particularly great potential in the treatment of many different diseases. Bulgaria occupies one of the first places in the world with the exceptional diversity of Medicinal Herbs and the excellent curative properties of its Apian Products.

This enormous wealth of natural factors, combined with country's modern hotels and spa facilities, provide excellent possibilities for the year-round effective treatment of the most widespread diseases of our times and truly make Bulgaria a Country of Health.

The Bulgarian spa resorts have the advantage of being located in vary favourable climatic regions, affording the exceptional possibility of combining balneotherapy with climatic treatment.

The Black Sea coast is a sub region of the continental Mediterranean climatic region. Neither the harsh climatic conditions of the northern European coasts, nor the scorching heat of the Mediterranean are characteristic of it. The specific sea climate, combined with the curative mineral springs and curative mud offer excellent conditions for treatment, recuperation and holidays throughout the year.

The best known Black-Sea spa centers are: Dobroudja Hotel at Albena resort, Ambassador Hotel at Golden Sand resort, Riviera Holiday Club, Sunny Day and Grand Hotel Varna at St. Constantine resort, Pomorie Hotel in the coastal town of Pomorie.

Varied prophylactic and therapeutic possibilities are also offered by the Bulgarian climatic mountain resorts. The lovely scenery, clean air, shortwave ultraviolet radiation, negative air ionization, particularly close to mountain waterfalls, as well as the many mineral springs, different in temperature and composition, are their major assets.

The Bulgarian spa resorts have the advantage of being located in vary favourable climatic regions, affording the exceptional possibility of combining balneotherapy with climatic treatment.

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