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Cultural institutions

Antiques from the historical museum in Montana
Antiques from the historical museum in Montana

The Historical Museum

The museum possesses over 50 thousand museum exhibits of various kinds. It takes part in scientific forums with announcements and publications.

The Regional Library

The library has over 250 thousand library items. It organizes promotions of new books, meetings with writers, exhibitions and concerts.

The Razoum Cultural Club

The club has 5 artistic groups: two ensembles for folk dances, one for folk songs, a brass band and a group for old town songs. It has participated and won prizes in international festivals. There exist 22 other cultural clubs in the municipality, only 18 of which actually function.

The Dobri Hristov United Art School

The school discovers and develops the children's artistic talents in the fields of the fine arts, music and dance. It participates in town, national and international events, in which it wins prestigious prizes.

The Youth Centre

The following activities are practiced in it: concerts, a cafe-theatre, lecture courses, exhibitions, amateur art activities, competitions, etc.

The Public Record Office

It has an invaluable store of documental evidence of all spheres of the social, the political, the cultural and the economic life of the region.

The Club of the Cultural Workers

The club unites and develops the various interests of the local artistic intelligentsia: literature, theatre, dances, journalism, etc. It has a total of about 100 members.

The Dramatic Theatre

The theatre has functioned as the Six Plus Scene since the beginning of 2000 The municipality and the Ministry of Culture share the allowance of six persons of non-artistic staff who take care of the building. The theatre does not have a permanently employed company.

The Puppet Theatre

It performs mostly in the kindergartens of the region.

The Kiril Petrov Art Gallery

According to the specialists' opinion, this is one of the best-stocked art galleries outside the capital. Its total stock contains 2 350 works of art, and the permanent exhibition in its new building - about 150 works of art, mostly classics. The gallery also organizes concerts, literary events, lectures, etc.

The fact that all cultural institutions have been preserved in the conditions of a total financial and spiritual crisis, and most of them continue to demonstrate serious artistic achievements, including on an international level - the performances abroad of the Pastrina Folk Dance Ensemble and the Montana Choir and the prizes of the Dobri Hristov United Art School in prestigious international competitions for children's drawing - is a success, however limited, for the Montana municipality.

The most serious problem is financing. With the lack of sufficient financial means to support their activities, the sole aim of many cultural institutions is their survival. To make things even worse, the cultural events are less and less attended as a consequence of the drastic impoverishment of the population.

The Regional Library, the museum and the Razoum Cultural Club have problems with their buildings. Many village cultural clubs and some immovable cultural monuments also need an emergency repair.

For the preservation and development of the various cultural traditions in the Montana municipality, it is necessary to continue the process of establishment of the cultural institutions as legal subjects with their own economic interests. It is also necessary to take more initiatives in the seeking of possibilities for participation in national and international programs, close cooperation with foreign partners and foundations, development of sponsorship and donation projects for solving the most urgent problems.

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