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Post code: 4300
Intl dial code: +359 335

Historical, cultural and hunting tourism

The natural gifts, the historical and cultural heritage of the municipality are quite favourable for the development of the tourism. The proclaimed reserves Stara reka, Dzhendem, Steneto and Chamdzha, Raysko praskalo and Stara reka praskalo, Suha peshtera and Vodna peshtera; the historical places Zli dol, Varlitsa and Ravna reka, Anevskoto kale, the countryside Panitsite to the north of the town of Kalofer, the surroudings of Kalofer monastery in the region of Byala reka and many other are attractive places of interest.

There is a comparatively well established base for a group and individual tourism.

The international hunting tourism is developed as well. Hunting reserves for red deer, stag of a fallow deer, wild bore, doe and others are established.

Near by the town of Klisura a modern motor-tourist complex is established. It offers the services of a technical centre, a hotel base, a camping, a restaurant, bars and various sport equipment.

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