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Shipka Monastery

Part and parcel of Bulgarias history is the Shipka Monastery, a symbol of an epoch-making event for Bulgaria - the Liberation from Ottoman rule, the final outcome of the 1877/78 Russo-Turkish War. The monastery, together with an impressive memorial church, was erected near the town of Shipka, below the famous Shipka Passage in the Balkan Range, where in the summer of 1877 the Russian troops and Bulgarian volunteers achieved the break-through, which brought about the victorious outcome of the war. The Russian and the Bulgarian people provided the funds for its construction, which began in 1896 and was completed six years later.

The Shipka Monastery is one of its exquisite, and at the same time monumental, "editions". Solemn elegance is also emanated by the carved and gilded iconostasis. It stands by no means estranged in the overall panorama of Bulgarian monasteries. Just like them, it is more than just a place of worship.

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