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Pirin National Park
Pirin National Park

Pirin National Park

Alpine relief, 176 mountain lakes, white-fir and black-pine forests and about 100 varieties of endemic, endangered and rare plants, including the edelweiss and the famous Baikusheva fir, almost 1 300 years old.

Pirin is most beautiful mountain in my country. It is southern neighbour is Rila mountain. The north part is a high ridge with north-west to south-east orientation. It begins with Pirin peak high about 2 550 m. a.s.l Going to South, one passes several other peaks and step-by-step climbs up to 2 800 m a.s.l. This is exceptionally beautiful Karst ridge of Pirin. There are passes as narrow as 1 meter on the ridge.

The peaks here are Kamenitsa (2 720 m a.s.l), Bajuvi Dupki (2820 m a.s.l), Banski Suhpdol (2882 m), Kutelo (2 908 m a.s.l). Next peak is Vihren (the highest of the mountain - 2 914 m a.s.l). It looks like a big pyramid with 400 m high northern vertical wall. The peak is object of winter alpinism. Vihren is the last peak of Karst part of the mountain. The kingdom of the water and the glacier lakes begins after it.

Several glacier circuses follow from both sides of the ridge. And, every one hides three-four lakes. Some of them even more. Each circus has its own look - one is full with stones while another is level and ready for sun-bathes.

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