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Alexander Stamboliyski

Alexander Stamboliyski (March 1, 1879 - June 14, 1923) was the prime minister and virtual dictator of Bulgaria from 1918 until 1923. Stamboliyski was a member of the Agrarian Union, a movement which was not allied to the monarchy, and edited their newspaper. Opposed to the country's participation in the Balkan War and its support for the Central Powers during World War I, he was court martialed and sentenced to life in prison in 1915.

In 1918, with the defeat of Bulgaria in the war, Boris III toppled King Ferdinand and released Stamboliyski from prison. He joined the government in January, 1919, and was appointed prime minister on October 14 of that year. On March 20, 1920, the Agrarian Union won national elections and Stamboliyski was confirmed as prime minister.

During his term in office, Stamboliyski took the unpopular measures of complying with the terms of Bulgaria's surrender. Though popular with the peasants, this antagonized the middle class and military. He was ousted in a military coup on June 9, 1923, and attempted to flee the country, but was captured by rebels and killed.

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