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Stefan Stambolov

Stefan Nikolov Stambolov (January 31, 1854 - July 6, 1895) was a Bulgarian revolutionary and statesman. He is considered one of the most important and popular "Founders of Modern Bulgaria" and is sometimes reffered to as "the Bulgarian Bismarck".

He was born Veliko Turnovo. His education started in his home town, but he later studied in the Odessa Seminary between 1870 and 1872. Stambolov's father took part in the "Velchova Zavera" (1835) works with Captain Nikola Filipovski (1853). Stambolov himself grew up among revolutionists like Hristo Ivanov "Knigovezetza", father Mathei Preobrazhenski, Hristo Karaminkov "Buneto". He took part in all actions for political independence in the 1870s - he joined the Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee (BRCC). After the death of the founder of BRCC Vasil Levski, Stambolov was chosen as his successor. He was the leader of the uprising in Stara Zagora (1875) and the Turnovo revolutionary commitee in the great uprising of April (1876).

Stambolov was involved in the political discussions as early as the time of the first Bulgarian parliament - "The Founding Subranie" of 1879. After 1880 he became the vice-chairman and later the chairman of the Narodno Subranie (the Bulgarian parliament). For a relatively long period he was the Prime Minister of the country (1888 - 1894). He helped the Union of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia (1886). Stambolov was a nationalist; as a politician, he strengthened the diplomacy of the country, its economy, and the general political power of the state. He crushed Russia's numerous attempts to overthrow the Bulgarian government and install puppet like regime and confronted Ferdinand's intrigues, as a result he was attacked and slayed by Russian-bought political enemies in Sofia on July 3, 1895. He died three days later.

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