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The Belintash - rocky phenomenon

Archeologists have been looking for the famous sanctuary of Greek God Dionis for 130 years in the Rhodope Mountains. According to Nikola Boev, (author of the book "The Belintash brightness" and others) - there is a sanctuary of the ancient Thracian divinity Sabazii in our lands and it is located near Asenovgrad - namely Belintash. Sabazii is a divinity which the Greeks later called with the name Dionis - the Great God of animated nature, of man and his health.

A rocky plateau rises up over the village of Sini Vruh, 30 km away from Asenovgrad. It is grandiose and majestic. Strange holes are arranged in figures. Stairs hewnd into the rock lead to its central side, where two wells stay wide open. They are hewn out of the stronghold in some unknown way. Nature also has sculptured some stone heads.

This is Belintash. Some people translate the word (Belintash) as a "stone of knowledge", other as "the rock of war", and some just call it "The Rhodopian Stonehenge".

The impressive sanctuary was devoted to the supreme Thracian divinity - Sabazii. It was a center of a cult ceremony, of knowledge and experience. The place was preserved in a pure mote with emphasis on the Ancient Thracian identity.

Years ago a silver tablet was found under the rock which was acknowledged for its authenticity by experts from BAS (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences). Three-dimensional images were made of it.
The sacred rock is distinguished with marble palaces, temples and tombs. A Bessie tribe kept and passed on faith and knowledge in this temple of wisdom.

Belintash is located in Bessie's Lands - 4 km away from the indelible and the shortest ancient root from Black Sea and Thracian Lowland to White Sea and Greece. Belintash is accepted as a natural border between Bessie Tribe and Odrisi - one of the strongest Thracian tribes.

According to some authors there are conclusive arguments that Alexander the Great and Gay Oktavii had been passing by this way to ask priests' advice.

The Bessie with their leader Vologes conquered the Odrisi tribe and took back their sanctuary in 11BC. Raised in the center of the sacred forest, the sanctuary is an important element of the unique religious, historical and tourist complex. Belintash can not be described, it has to be seen and people have to feel its power and beauty.

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