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Paleontological Museum

The Paleontological Museum is a unique museum for Bulgaria and probably for the Balkans as a whole. The museum was created on the base of the fossil collections, accumulated for several decades by the longtime school teacher of biology in the High School of Asenovgrad - Dimitar Kovachev.

The first floor of the museum exposition shows the evolution of Proboscidea (Mastodonts and Deinotherium). Especially attractive is the 4, 5 m high skeleton of Deinotherium, with 6,8 m length and 10 t. weight. He is a representative of the biggest terrestrial mammals for all times. His remains were found by Dimitar Kovachev and his scholarly team around the village of Ezerovo (near Asenovgrad). It is said that this is the only fully preserved Deinotherium in the world.

The second floor of the exposition displays in its 30 showcases the so-called Hipparion fauna. The imposing paleontological collection consists of corals, echinus, ammonites and other fossil remains. This is the biggest and the most important Bulgarian collection of Neogen Vertebrates. There are more than 25 000 units only in the scientific collection of the Late Miocene Mammals.

The newly created exposition on the second floor shows how the science of Paleontology unveils the history of the life on the Earth. The museum was opened in 1992. It has been impressing and will continue to impress all of its visitors.


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