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Traditions and Holidays

Calendar holidays in Asenovgrad are mostly Christian, but with some pagan motives. The Christian religion gave the name of the holidays, while the pre-Christian traditions gave them the matter of celebration. Also, the religious holidays of Stanimaka involve the whole economical activity of the population.

The location of the town has its mark on the formation of the local traditions. Here begins one of the passes towards the White Sea area. From here begin some important roads to the south, which connect the town with the settlements beyond the mountains. The contact of the local population with that of other ends of the Thracia region were part of their daily round.

The Bulgarian and Greek people who lived here formed one cultural community. They gradually created one local and original spiritual culture, which nowadays distinguishes the town from the other settlements in the region. Asenovgrad is distinguished with its specially developed Christian tradition. The cult of Virgin Mary is revealed in customs devoted to her. They originated here and can not be seen anywhere else.

After the First World War, the influence of European culture is great, which naturally reflects on the festive-customary system. Certain novelties are added to already existing traditions, and most of them are saved till nowadays. Today's traditions, custom, holidays and beliefs have reached us although some of them were slightly adapted, in one way or another, to the conditions of our present state of living. The basic motive, plan and concept have been preserved and enriched throughout the years.

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