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The legendary Thracian kings

Regarding Thrace the anonymity was broken after the middle of the second millennium BC – the period till, during and after the Trojan War. Hellenic mythology presents the generalised images of Orpheus, Rhesos, Lycurgus, Zalmoxis, Phineus, Maron etc.

They were not only political rulers but chief priests, performers of the basic cosmogonic rite as well. Their fifures are revealing for the ritual behaviour of the historically attested kings. Like Rhesos, they were to become anthropodemons after their death, and by saying the Dionysiac prophesies in the cave in the Pangaeus Mountains, they were to become mediators between the two worlds – the real one and the Beyond. Or, like Orpheus, they were to meet the Sun on the rocky peak; or, like Zalmoxis, were to initiate their table-companions in the mystery of immortality in their underground dwelling equal in meaning to the cave, i.e. the rock womb of the Great Mother Goddess.

Prof. Aleksander Fol

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