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The Getai and their dynasty

Already in the end of the sixth century BC the king of kings Darius I (521 – 486 BC) had to fight the Getai who Herodotus defined as the most fair and brave among the Thracians. This took place in 514 BC during the march of Darius against the Scythians across the Danube River. Since that time, the glorious name of this numerous ethno-cultural Thracian community along both sides of the Lower Danube has kept its magnificence. In spite of the fact that the written sources are not reliable enough for tracing the succession of the dynastic genealogy or the names of the particular rulers, the historical role of the king, home of the Getai has been confirmed for the Pre-Roman Epoch by the remarkable archaeological sites and finds, by the masterly works of the toreutics and by the impressive mythological and legendary figure of Zalmoxis.

Zalmoxis, or the northern Orpheus was the Teacher Ruler who introduced the faith in Immortality in the area between the Carpathian Mountains and Haemus (today the Balkan Range). He and his followers-aristocrats, organised in closed society trust in the Word that arouses the access to the Divine Knowledge. It is the Eternal Energy and only the deeply believing person who is continuously developing himself to spiritual perfection is able to aspire to it and to merge with it.

The faith in Immortality inspired the Getai during the hard periods of their history. Already in the first century BC, the dynasty of the Getai under the reign of Burebistas, established a large state reaching to the south to the Old Greek poleis (city-states) along the western beach of the Black Sea. The state of the Getai, however, reached its peak under the reign of Decebalus (Dekebalos) who fought against emperor Domitianus (81 – 96 AD) to stand the independence of the South Carpathian Mountains region, and against emperor Trajan (98 – 117 AD) as well. It was then that the Getai received officially their other name Dakoi and lost their independence only after the two Dacian wars in 101 – 102 and 105 – 106 AD. This victory of the Roman army was made famous by the notable column of emperor Trajan, raised in his forum in Rome.

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