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The medieval citadel Ustra stands in the Ustra elevation of the Western Rhodopes, at the foot of Mount Ustren (1015 m). It stands on an elongated rocky peak and occupies an area of 1,286 sqm. The whole fortification wall is 113 m long and the preserved height is 10 m. Foundations of dwellings, water reservoirs and food storehouses have been discovered.

Nearby are the remains of the Thracian fortress of the same name from which only 2 m high fortification walls have been preserved. It was most probably built between the 12 th and 10 th centuries BC. A little further down the valley of a small river were discovered two Thracian tombs with cupolas. Historians believe that here was the capital of the Thracian tribe Odryssae.

Below the medieval fortress is the rest-house “Ustra”, only 20 minutes of walk. The best starting point for a journey to the rest-house and the historic landmarks around it is the town of Djebel, accessible by regular bus line from Kardzhali. It takes 3 hours to reach the rest-house from Djebel by feet.

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