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This Thracian fortress was probably built in the 4 th or 3 rd century BC. It is situated on a remarkable growth on the watershed between the rivers Stara Reka and Cherni Vit. Thus the fortress is separated from the ridge by a narrow isthmus where the wall was built. Remains 2.5 m high from this wall are preserved. On all other sides 100 m high rocks descend to the Valley of Cherni Vit River. According to Vasil Mikov, this is the reason why the fortress was called Chertigrad (from Old Bulgarian: a place that only the devil can take conquer). Judging by the finds the fortress was probably still active in the 6 th century.

In the eastern part of Chertigrad there is a sanctuary dedicated to the cult of the Sun. It is a platform with a small niche in the rock where the first sun rays fall in the morning.

A team under the direction of Prof. Velizar Velkov has achieved the excavations in the fortress.

Chertigrad is situated 3 km to the northeast of the village of Yamna, community of Etropole, which is naturally the best starting point for a journey to the fortress. Given the rough terrain, it takes about 1.5 hours to get to the fortress by following initially the marked path called On the track of Benkovski.

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