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Botev peak

The peak of Botev is the highest point of Central Stara Planina – 2376 m and is the third largest in Bulgaria, after Musala and Vihren. The Stara Planina giant is a high, spacious pasture. This is the famous formation of the granite Botev peak, formed, as its name suggests, by granites thrown by the older Sredna Gora on the folds of the forming Stara Planina. Latter on during the elevating of the now-a-days Balkan, its was broken by the river erosion. As a result of this the terrifying rock faces of the North Dzhendem and the Raiskite Skali rocks to the South were shaped. Despite that the landscape value of the peak is seriously corrupted by the number of facilities build upon it, and the deep surface erosion caused by the spacious construction and mounting of cables – here is one of the major telecommunication nodes, the peak of Botev is in the heart of a region of exclusive vegetation diversity. It is the middle of a species formation center on limestone basis – the forming of new species still goes on here and the proof for this are the dozen of plant species, which could only be observed here and nowhere else in the world!

The peak marks the end of the main crest trail Dobrila hut – Botev Peak, which follows the watershed crest between the Troyan and the Kalofer mountains. Given the high avalanche risk it is not recommended for hiking in winter. For the alpine hikers it is a traverse of IVb category. In nice, clear weather – which is a rarity here, it offers unforgettable vistas towards Northern and Southern Bulgaria. It is a section of the Kom-Emine hiking trail.

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