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European tree frog

(Hyla arborea)

The European tree frog is amongst the floppiest creatures. Its vanity is so great that it changes its color depending on the environment in which it occurs. Green against the green background, its adds patterns here-and-there when the yellowish flickering and sun-spots prevail. It also has a special winter coloration, when hiding in the fallen leafs. And then its difficult to find it among fallen brownish leaves and the gray soil surrounding it.

It fastens upon the bark of the broadleaf trees and bushes with the toes of its legs. It feeds on nocturnally active insects. It inhabits the whole country – from the Black Sea coastline and the Danubian Plain to the mixed forests and meadows in the middle mountain belt.

The males are very interesting during the breeding period – they swell up their necks powerfully, singing in a trans and could be heard at a distance of 2 km. This is especially characteristic for the early spring months. Then they are so possessed by their passion, that they even forget about their affiliation for the tree bark or the stems of the grass plants that they enter the water. The females lay up to 1,000 eggs in several small heaps.

Worldwide endangered species. Protected by the Law of the biological diversity.

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