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Viviparous lizard

(Lacerta vivipara)

It is called like this because it delivers its young and does not lay eggs. Although it has a very wide distribution, in our country it occurs mainly in the high mountains. Therefore its Stara Planina range of distribution is strongly fragmented. It prefers wet, boggy mountain meadows and has been discovered even at an elevation of 2 900 m in Rila! Sometimes it occurs in the meadows in coniferous forests and on stony slopes. It feeds mainly on spiders and insects. It is brownish in color with an unbroken dark strip along the spine. When threatened it hides in the grass tuffs and often in streams and puddles, it can swim, creep on the bottom, and hide in the mud or holes in the banks.

In our country the viviparous lizard is protected by the Law of the biological diversity, yet it is not considered threatened – its main habitats fall within the boundaries of protected areas.

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