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(Crex crex)

It is the size of quail. The adults are rusty-brownish with black spots and gray-blue superciliums. The throat is pale, the neck and breast are also blue-gray. It has a number of rusty-brown horizontal strips on the belly. It inhabits predominantly arable territories but also occurs on wet meadows, pre-mountain plateaus and hilly regions with grass vegetation.

It cries with sharp sounds during the breeding season. It forms nesting pairs, but only the female takes care of the chicken covered by black fluff. They raise two generations a year. The species feeds on diverse food – insects and their larvae, small snails, warms and seeds.

The corncrake is migratory species – flies to Bulgaria in April and flies away in September. They migrate individually during the nigh and in day-time they hide in the grass. It winters in Africa and Madagascar Island. Protected species - Law of the biological diversity.

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