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Eagle owl

(Bubo bubo)

It is the real Goliath among the owls. Its identity card reads: weight 2.6-3.25 kg, wing span up to 175 cm! The females are larger and heavier than the representatives of the strong sex. The coloration is modest and bears the characteristics of the nocturnal birds. The protective colors predominate rusty, brown, yellowish. Most of the feathers are stripped with horizontal and vertical strips and tender patterns. The general design of the coloration depends on the latitude and the habitat, however, it always successfully imitates the color of the bark of trees, of the rocks or that of the sand. If you still managed to spot it, you would be impressed by its large silhouette and the Mephisto horns these are the ears shaped by the long black feathers with yellowish pattern at the edges. The expensive jewel of the eagle owl are its eyes large, non-blinking, lemon-yellow to orange in color.

The eagle owl has phlegmatic temper it counts on its protective coloration, carefully watches the approaching host and takes off in the last moment, flying in a preliminarily chosen direction.

It sticks to the same territory during the whole year. Rarely individual birds show interest in long distance trips. It nests in most diverse habitats up to an elevation of some 1700 . Its favorite regions are the volcanic and karst rocks, the gullies and the eroded areas.

Despite of its grim and evil look, this bird is not deprived of tender family affiliation it forms life-time lasting pairs and is a devoted parent. During its breeding period the beginning of the spring, its howling is heard all through the night, its voice echoes enigmatically and grandiosely. The calls of the females are in the tenor spectrum. In the apogee of the breeding period, the couple howls together in a specific duet. The eagle owls have up to four chicken in sheltered places, where the sun rays can hardly penetrate. Most often the smallest chicks become victims of their brothers.

In many European countries the species is on the brink of extinction. In Bulgaria the owl is a species protected by the Law of the biological diversity.

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