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Cherni Osam river

Cherni Osam river, which is considered the source of the Osam river, starts from the western part of the Troyanski Balkan, southwest from mountain peak Levski. The river runs through a long, narrow and quite sloping valley, takes a small right tributary Jidov dol near the village of Neshkovtsi and in the countryside Smesieto unites with its biggest tributary the Kraiovishtica River. From the countryside Smesieto downhill, the Cherni Osam River heads north, takes up some more small tributaries near the village of Oreshak, then turns west and at the Velchovska neighborhood, approximately 3 km. from the town of Troyan joins the Beli Osam River. In this section the profile of the valley changes and the bottom of the river becomes broader and the slopes more steep.

In general the river valley of Cherni Osam is narrow, deep with steep rocky slopes, the riverbed is covered with large rocks. The banks of the Cherni Osam River are afforested with beech-tree woods. From the village of Cherni Osam downhill, the woods become thinner and are gradually replaced by shorter vegetation. After the Cherni Osam River joins the Beli Osam River, near the town of Troyan the river continues its way under the name the Osam River. From there downhill the Osam River runs north and reaches the town of Lovech, passing through a hilly site. The Osam River mouths into the Danube River near the village of Cherkovna.

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