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A vivid city

The archeological finds near the town of Aitos testify that its existence dates back to the V century BC. Khan Tervel is the first Bulgarian ruler of Aitos.

The fortress Aetos has taken a crucial part in the defensive system of the Bulgarian lands against the sudden attacks of the Tartars, the Avars and the Crusaders. In 1378 the town has been conquered by the armies of Murad sultan. During the Russian-Turkish war (1828-1829 г.) the legendary general Dibich Zabalkanski has turned the town into a strategic strong point. After the peace signed in Odrin in 1829 many of its citizens have moved to Besarabia.

During the Renaissance the population participates actively in the national struggles for liberation. Vasil Levski organizes a revolutionary committee in the town. After The Liberation Aitos has become a vivid commercial centre, bigger than Burgas. A big fair is held here. The first girls' agricultural school in the country has been established as well.

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