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Created in honour of the April Uprising

It was in 1812 when a church and a school with it were opened here and in 1850 a secular school was founded, as well. In 1872 Vassil Levski organized a secret revolutionary committee. Freedom-loving Balkan mountain dwellers took part in the April Uprising (1876), known here as Novoselo Uprising. The Republic of Novoselo was proclaimed and the rebels heroically defended the whole 9 days against the numerously outnumbering them enemy. It was drowned in blood and fire - over 150 people killed, lots of people exiled, 772 buildings were destroyed and set on fire, the convent and the church of 1812 inclusively. Voivoda Tsanko Dustabanov who came with his detachment from Gabrovo in support of the insurgent villages was killed there, too. A great part of the survived population emigrated.

In 1976 in honour of the 100-annual jubilee from the April (Novoselo) Uprising the four villages - Novo Selo, Vidima, Zla Reka and Ostrets were proclaimed as today’s town of Apriltsi. The first village is considered as central area of the new town. Apriltsi increasingly becomes an attractive winter resort.

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