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Sinite Kamani Nature Park

In the Balkan Range, above the town of Sliven, over an area of 7 094 hectares is situated the Sinite kamani Nature Park (means blue stones). It is named after the bluish-grey to violet rock cliffs mounting over 1 000 m above sea level. The park includes the peaks Big and Small Chitalka, Bulgarka, Kutelka, the lake in Karandila, the natural rock phenomena Kuminite (Chimneys), Kuklite (Dolls), Rakavichkata (Glove).

This beautiful Balkan region has an enormous cultural and historic heritage. In the regions Hisralaka, Daula, Dzendema, Djuleva reka, Mollova kurija can be seen ruins of walls and coverings from the fortress Tuida, the settlements Marichino and Marinino, healing springs and ancient roads.

The Park is famous for its nature landmarks. Halkata (the Ring) an arc-shaped stone garland, "possessing" magic force, is one of the symbols of the town of Sliven. The forms that the nature has sculptured in the cave Zmeevi dupki (Dragons holes) Zmejat (the Dragon), Orelat (the Eagle) and Vladishkija tron (the Bishops throne) are amazing.

The specific climate of the nature park determines the great diversity of flora and fauna. The plant species are more than 1000, about 900 of which are representative of higher species. The endemic species are 48 and the tertiary relict species are 2. The invertebrate animals are represented by 235 species 8 species of fish, 9 species of amphibians, 19 species of reptiles, 165 species of birds and 34 species of mammals. The lay is typically mountainous. The wind called bora, famous also as the wind of the town of Sliven and the night breeze are typical for the region.

The forests in the region comprise of oriental beech, hornbeam and pubescens oak. Widely distributed are the hazel, smoke-tree, barberry, and juniper. On the cliff rocks and in the valleys, in the forests and bushes can be seen protected species Fritillaria graeca, Fritillatia pontica, balcan noontide, davidov meadow-saffron, wood anemone, soldier orchid, haleri pasque flower, urumow tulip, Arabic stone-cress.

Rabbits, deer and wild cats could be seen in the region of the park. In the oak forests lives the biggest bug in Bulgaria stag beetle and the beautiful beetle part of the long horns family Rosalia alpina. Bats inhabit the caves and over the cliff rocks fly numerous birds. The most striking are the day and night birds of prey Egyptian vulture, eagle owl, goshawk, golden eagle, Hobby, sparrow hawk, long-legged buzzard, rough-legged buzzard and red-footed falcon.

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