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Ideal for all kind of tourism

Batak dam
Batak dam

The nature resources (inviolated environment, diverse landscape, availability of nature reserves and phenomena, water resources, diverse flora and fauna) as well as the very location of Batak are ideal conditions for the development of hunting, fishing, rural, highland and hobby tourism as well as for winter and aquatic sports. Photo hunting has been practiced recently, too.

There are a lot of opportunities for outings in Batak vicinity during the warm days of the year – the dams Golyam Beglik and Beglika, Shiroka Polyana locality. Tourist routes can be arranged to the near localities – Djenevra, Beglika, Petrovo Bardo, near Snezhanka cave and Fotenski Vodopad (waterfalls). The antiquity connoisseurs have the chance to see the remnants of Thracian, Roman, Byzantium and Slav strongholds, tumuli, bridges, etc. There are 9 chapels performing services in the vicinity of Batak.

Batak Dam resort, located in the Rhodopi mountain is an ideal spot for recreation all the year round. There are 10 000 beds available of every category. Batak ski run, with Alpine ski-run (1200m) and race ski-run (2000 m) is located here. The Alpine ski-run is equipped with three ski-lifts, one of them is auxiliary, 600 m long. Four ski-runs are to be built, tracks for snowboards (half pipes) and for motor sledges and ski-lift which is the most important project of the municipal authorities. The snow blankets lasts from November to April and the view revealing at the top of the ski-lift towards the Batak dam is really magnificent. The fulfilling of the project will turn Batak into one of the modern ski-centres in Bulgaria.

The town and the Batak dam resort are connected with Plovdiv, Pazardjik, Peshtera, Velingrad and Rakitovo through regular bus service.

The visitors of the resort can taste delicious traditional local meals and specialties at Ostrova tavern but in the town of  Batak the best culinary surprises are offered at Yoana tavern and Porto Rico restaurant.

The tourist industry is considered to be a complex priority activity including additional productions, services, transport and specialized education.

A large network of recreation facilities has been built up around the dams Batak, Shiroka Polyana, Golyam Beglik and Beglika – holiday home, children’s camp, hotels, camping sites and private villas. The capacity of the new center (base) is 7292. The recreation centers are run by experienced and qualified managers but they are not used completely because of the high rate of unemployment in Bulgaria.

The availability of legal grounds - Law on tourism 1998 is an important condition for the development of this branch. In order to turn the tourist industry into a leading branch of the municipal economy, the weak points of this sphere – lack of: well built-up infrastructure,  traditions in hotel and restaurant servicing, Council of Tourism and enough credits and investments have to be overcome.

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