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The strategic town fortress Abritus was found over the ruins of the Thrasian village by the Roman Empire. Its name is associated with the blood shedding battle between Romans and Gothic in 251 year, in which emperor Trajan Decius found its death. Among the silent witness of this ancient civilization today are the 835 (4 kg.) gold coins from 5th century. This is the biggest gold treasure in Bulgaria.

Roman war camp (castle) and late ancient early Byzantium town (I - V century) in the province of Misa Lower. Spanning an area of 14 hectares, the town was fortified (VI century) with solid castle wall with four gates and 35 three-story, 16 meter battlements. Here in the castle of Abritus the II cohort (infantry and cavalry) of Lucen camped auxiliary troops that belonged to XI legion of Claudius with headquarters in Durostrum (nowadays Silistra), guarding the northern border of the Roman empire.

According to written sources in year 251 the Roman emperor Trayan Decius perished in these surroundings while fighting the Goths. The entire fortification system has been explored, as well as some public and residential buildings, part of the southern and northern necropolis and the foundations of a church. The Avarians and the Slavs destroyed Aitus at the end of VI century. The biggest gold coin treasury was found here, consisting of 835 solids (V century).

After a period of 2nd century lapse, the Proto-Bulgarians lay the foundations of the early Medieval Bulgarian settlement over the ruins of the town (X - XI century).

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