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The town of Smolyan (55 000 inhabitants, 1500 to 1600 mt altitude) is scattered in the narrow gorge of the river Cherna, in the most beautiful part of the Rhodopes. It is about 260 km away from Sofia, 103 km from Plovdiv, 46 km from Devin, 16 km south of the resort Pamporovo, 10 km to the new ski resort Project PERELIK and 40 km to Greek border and three hours to the sea coast.

Smolyan district is situated in South Bulgaria, in the central part of the Rhodopes and occupies 2,9% of the whole territory of the country. It borders the districts of Plovdiv, Pazardjik, Kardjaly, Blagoevgrad and to the south - the Republic of Greece. Forests cover a big part of the territory - 2 531 000 dka (70%) and agricultural lands cover 825 000 dka (25%). The highest mountain peak is Perelik - 2191 m. There are 10 municipalities on the territory of Smolyan district (Banite, Borino, Devin, Dospat, Zlatograd, Madan, Nedelino, Roudozem, Smolyan, Chepelare), comprising 242 settlements, 8 of them - towns. The biggest municipality is Smolyan with 47 530 inhabitants, the smallest one is Borino - 4 141 inhabitants.

  • Area - 3 194 sq. km
  • Population - 145 940
  • Average temperature - 7,5 C

The city of Smolyan, born by human love and a generous mother nature, jealously keeps the best examples of local architecture. Straddling the river Cherna, it is surrounded by centenarian forests and lofty cliffs reflecting in the clear waters of the Smolyan lakes.

Smolyan has had an eventful history. The area was populated during the second and first millennium B.C., and the town owes its name to the tribe of the Smolyany who came to this place in the VII century. In early XX century, there were three neighbourhoods at the site of todays Smolyan: Ustovo, Raikovo and Smolyan. The local houses are unique for Bulgaria. Todays Smolyan is a modern economic, cultural and tourist centre.

The favourable climate and mountain charm make the Smolyan area the perfect place for holiday and recreation during all seasons.

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