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Paneurhythmy – Sacred Bulgarian Dance

If you want to feel this amazing power of freedom and wisdom become a part of family of light and learn unique Sacred Bulgarian Dance given by the Master. The Paneurhythmy is based on a deep knowledge of the Laws of energy, radiation, frequency and the correlation between tone, form, movement, color, geometry and an idea. Movements correspond to tones, and as we dance the concept of giving, receiving and renewal, we allow the Earth and Cosmos to do the same. Through us, the Earth opens her portals, her point of power, to give of her energies, to receive of the Light. The Cosmos itself receives and is blessed and gives more.

Paneurhythmy is an inter-dimensional doorway that revitalizes our entire being. Quickening and aligning the meridians and chakras, it brings heightened awareness to the dancers of all that is around, through and within. Every year in August brothers and sisters from all over the world gather near the amazing 7-th Rila Lakes area in Rila Mountains. At this time Bulgaria become a World Spiritual capital.

Sending light and positive energy to the world every morning people from the camp are greeting the sun, singing, saying prayers, reading Master`s words. Later they dance Paneurhythmy. Feeling this unique atmosphere is like being a part of a powerful circle of love and light.

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