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The town of Dimitrovgrad has an unique destiny. The beginning was set on 10th May 1947 by 40 youths who came to build their dream town. They were followed by thousands. By that time at that place there were 3 villages Rakovski, Marijno and Ghernokoniovo. They were united by the Council of Ministers.

 The town was built by 50 000 members of brigades who came from 963 Bulgarian towns and villages. A part of them became inhabitants of the new town.

From 1948 to 1950 they worked in an independent brigade called  Mlada Gvardia (Young Guards). Their motto was: We are building a town the town is building us!

Brigades built dozens of homes, Chemical Works, Vulkan  factory, Nitrogen fertilizer works, the road network of todays Municipality of Dimitrovgad, the road through Hainboaz passage, the railway lines: Lovech - Troyan, Pernik Voluyak, Samuil Silistra, the artificial lakes Alexander Stamboliiski, Georgi Dimitrov and others. The first in Bulgaria Mechanical Bakery was opened there. In parallel with its building the town began its own cultural, social and political life.

In 1940 1950 the Primary Schools Peio Yavorov, Nikola Vaptsarov and Liuben Karavelov started working as well as two Technical Schools Mining and Chemical. A museum, a theatre and a library were opened. A symphony orchestra was formed at the Childrens Musical School. In 1957 the first in Bulgaria cinema-goers club called Dimitrovgrad was found.

In the same year a representative of the town of Dimitrovgrad participated in the Constituent Congress of the World Federation of fraternized towns which took place in the town of Ex lBen in France. Towns fraternized with Dimitrovgrad are: Nova Huta Poland, Grosseto Italy, Kazintsbartsika Hungary, Aizenhutenstat Germany, Dimitrovgrad Russia, Blida Algeria, Darhan Mongolia, Dziao Dzian China, Municipality of Kalamapia Greece.

In the 60s Vasil Levski School, Aleko Konstantinov School and Penio Penev High Vocational School were built. Trade-union houses of culture Chemic and Minor were opened. The first in Bulgaria planetarium Jordano Bruno was built there, too.

In 1970 the celebration of the national poetry feast named Penio Penev was set and that tradition continues up to the present. Since 1980 the beginning of biennial of Bulgarian theatrical poster were laid. In 1987 the museum house Penio Penev was opened.

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