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Routes in the Etropole mountain

  • Etropole - Monastery Sveta Troitsa (Holy Trinity) - 1 hour
  • Etropole - Chalet Roudinata (through the Bilo Mountain) - 6.30 hours
  • Etropole - Chalet Strazhata - 4.30 hours
  • Etropole - Chalet Chavdar - 6 hours
  • Etropole - Chalet Kashana - 4 hours

Route 1

Starting point at Etropolska Ribaritsa Sveta Troitsa Monastery peak Strazhata - Kashana Mourgana hut and back through the Sredna Gora mountain (one day route).

Route 2

Starting point at Etropolska Ribaritsa village of Yamna (the water-mill) Vranyata Voda waterfalls Chertigrad fortress Benkovska cave Etropolska Ribaritsa.

Route 3

Starting point at Etropolska Ribaritsa village of Boikovets Belikasha locality Grohoutaka Shindarnika Kobilya locality Etropolska Ribaritsa.

Route of the handicraft

Starting point at Etropolska Ribaritsa House of the Useful Arts (village of Ribaritsa) Ivanka Grabchevas House (old-time expositions and lectures) phaeton tour.

The route of the useful arts offers attractive experiences to the visitors of the resort village Etropolska Ribaritsa demonstrating traditional for the region handicrafts. The visitors can see the original historic, ethnographic and etc. articles, feast their eyes on the customs of Etropole and to participate in mountaineers holiday.

The walkers routes are marked. Our highly experienced staff mountain guides, tourist guides and assistants know everything about the mountainous, ethnographic and etc. characteristics of the Etropole region.

The three routes afford a picturesque view. Part of the ascending is along the Balkan mountain ridge, joining in the central crest. There are located nature phenomena, historical and architecture attractions.

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