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The church in Glavinitsa
The church in Glavinitsa

Glavinitsa is the youngest town in the region. It occupies an area of 507 sq. m and is an important centre on the road between Doulovo and Toutrakan. It was proclaimed a town and a municipal centre with a decree of the State Council of 5 September 1984.

There are a lot of legends and memories, but very little material evidence of the past of the Glavinitsa region. Thracians and Romans inhabited in antiquity, and Bulgarians, Turks and Circassians - millennia later.

There are legends of earlier settlements, which were destroyed or depopulated by wars, epidemics or other disasters. One of them tells of the village of Asvatkyuoy (during the Ottoman rule), whose population died off of a plague. The survivors were forced to desert their homes and some of them returned years later. According to another legend, only a young man and a young woman survived the disease and the village was repopulated by their progeny.

What is known for certain is that hamlets, which were inhabited mostly by Muslim shepherds, rose near the site of present-day Glavinitsa. Turks and Circassians built their houses here, attracted by the region's natural conditions. The village was called Svatkyuoy.

A mosque was built in the valley, as was the custom in the ottoman Empire. The new settlement Asvatkyuoy formed around the mosque and existed about a century under its aegis.

New settlers came to the region by the end of the eighteenth century. The village was renamed to Glavinitsa with a ministerial decree in 1942.

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